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For the past twenty-five years The I Am Book has brought hope, healing and victory to many lives. It has been used by churches, Bible study groups, and individuals with addiction problems and those suffering from panic attacks. Many have sent personal testimonies of emotional and physical healings as a result of reading The I Am Book. Some of the sections include: Susan's personal testimony on overcoming panic and anxiety, how to create an atmosphere for miracles, God's intensive care unit, God's names and titles, what we have in Christ, declarations for overcoming, the Holy Spirit, the power of the Cross, the name of Jesus, healing, what God wants you to receive, the God of favor, Healer of the soul, Bondage breaker, God's forgiveness, the voice of the Lord, and what to do when you have just received the worse news.... 



We are living in turbulent times. Every person will experience several crises throughout their lifetime. None of us would choose to go through heartache, tragedy, financial problems or other devastating circumstances. We all have a choice of how to respond. Will I allow this present crisis to bring my family and me into a downward spiral and ruin? Or will I remain calm, and make correct choices in the middle of something I didn't sign up for? It is my personal belief (based on overcoming many tragedies and personally devastating circumstances) that one can triumph in spite of impossible situations. By using the Word of God as a personal instruction manual, we can flourish in the midst of anguish. Many times, heroes are born as a result of heartache and trials. Regardless of all the odds stacked against them, they flourish and win. God's Word gives strength, hope, purpose, direction and wisdom for every situation you encounter. It has kept me alive in the most difficult of places. The purpose of this book is to help you find immediate help, comfort and focus in the midst of crisis. I know these scriptures will help you find answers and excel in the middle of stress and uncertainty. Don't forget to read the introduction! Someone who has been where you are, can impart special insight and wisdom to help you overcome.  



DID YOU KNOW organized crime has been around since Bible times? The Bible is full of mobsters, thieves, gangsters, and other "bad boys." Samson was the Official Leg Breaker, Judas was "The Rat" and the Pharisees and Sadducees were the Cosa Nostra "families" of their day.
Read what happened when these bad boys had a personal encounter with God and His Son the ultimate Stand-Up guy. Good Fellas of the Bible, God Made Them an Offer They Couldn't Refuse is a fictional novelette that deals with real life problems people faced in Bible days as well as today: gambling, adultery, religious abuse, violence, money, war, corruption, insanity and rebellious kids.
Read about the Crazy King Who Needed to Be Whacked, The Preacher Who Went to Hell, Israel's Lethal Weapon, the Boss of Bosses and many others. The book is written in Mobspeak, Italian-American slang and tabloid style dialog, It also contains a glossary of Italian-American expressions and Mobspeak terms.
Want inspiration and a fresh take on the Bible? De-stress, have fun and be inspired by reading "Good Fellas of the Bible", God Made Them an Offer They Couldn't Refuse. 

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